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Ubuntu comes with a great deal of applications, but there are still a few applications I'd like to recommend to every ubuntu user, whether they are already installed or not. To install these applications (if not already installed) you have two options: using apt textually, or use a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

First, the textual method. You open a terminal and first you search the exact name of the applications you want to install, now you read here that Amarok is quite the music player (even though it's still not perfect), so you'd like to test. You use the program "apt-cache" to search, and when you have root-privileges, you use "apt-get" to install the application. (the package-name for amarok is just amarok in this case)

chasnam@chasnam-desktop:~$ apt-cache search amarok
chasnam@chasnam-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install amarok

You may also use one of the GUI's for this. Gnome has the Add/Remove application, and KDE provides KPackage, and you just check the checkbox next to the application to install it.

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