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As some of you know I'm an informatics student at the University of Ghent in Belgium. First of all I want you to know this part is just made for fun, and mostly my own ease. The links on your left will redirect you to certain pages of the university. Feel free to have a look, but like I said, those things are just for my own use. A brief explanation... Minerva is the digital learning environment (or at least that is how they describe it their-selves). I ought to say it works like a charm and it's quite handy to have everything centralised. The UGent link directly connects you to the site of our university. And the other links are links to professors' sites.

Above those links you can see the projects I'm currently working on. (I currently removed the old projects, I'll give an update quite soon) Some of them aren't projects I have to make for UGent, but are just exercises I made for myself, a few programs that might come in handy at some point. Most of the projects are written in Java, however, in the future C++ and C projects will be added to this list. The code of the projects I made on my own basics and that aren't evaluated by the university will be put online on the project page as soon as the project is fully finished. Until then I'll post some screens and general ideas of the projects, but not the real code yet, available for download. I'll try and put most of the Java projects in a jar, a Java archive, so that you can simply run the program by clicking on it. Of course you'll need a Java Runtime Environment to do so, but you can download this for free at the Sun Java Homepage.

If you would happen to have a nice idea for a project in Java, and later on perhaps in C++, but since both are Objective Orientated Programming Languages it won't really matter, feel free to just send me a mail.

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