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Should you ever get into trouble using your ubuntu, and you're no longer able to startup ubuntu, or you messed up your grub configuration, you can always put in the live cd and start from the cd again and then mount your discs manually, because when the live cd mounts them automatically, they are mounted as ready-only disks. What you are to do is:

Enter you live cd, and start from the cd again. When you open the terminal you type:

sudo fdisk -l

This will give you a list of your partitions, and you'll see a partition named Linux, this is your root partitions. If the names don't really tell you anything, look at the partition size, I'm sure you remember the size of your linux partition. Now we're going to mount the partition, but first we need a directory to mount te partition to, which we will make in /mnt/

sudo mkdir /mnt/linux_root/

And now we're ready to boot our linux partition, let's say mine is /dev/sda3

sudo mount /dev/sda3/ /mnt/linux_root/

Now that I have my linux partition mounted again with the rights to write to it, I can put back the initial config file back for my grub, or change the settings I think ruined my ubuntu.

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