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I already linked this at the homepage, however I find it crutial that before you continu browsing the web, you start using a good browser if you're not already, and I suggest firefox. And when you do, tune it to your liking using the many Extensions and plugins.

I recently started to play the guitar (acoustic) , and just for my own ease, a link to tru-tabs search box.

  • Search TRU tabs :

As an extreme movie fan, I like to follow up the movies that are currently being filmed, and what better place to do so than the internet movie data base. It's also the best site to find that one directors name you just can't remember.. I made my movies public, a few weeks ago I finally found the time to create an account and from now on I'll be trying to keep this up to date. However, like many people I have a google search inputbox in my browser. I know I can change the search engine, like to imdb, however I prefer to keep it at google, so if I quickly want an imdb search I just use the form at the bottom of this list.

For my own ease.. A TV guide for the Flanders (Belgium)

The following links lead to the site of apple (Dutch site that is) so you , and more importantly, I can stay up date of all the apple stuff that's going on, and the other links, leads to the apple store for education. Where students and teachers benefit from a nice discount.

This link leads to the Mac Os/X forum for the Benelux. I'm a hardcore user there, and all I can say, if you have a mac, and you're living in the Benelux, and you're not listed yet.. Well what do you think I'll say, go and get a membership! Under that you can see 10 of the latest news-flashes by the editors on the homepage.

Even though a lot of people have their own e-mail address, provided by their internet-provider, most people still take a hotmail account, as I did, for almost everything, some people use it to go around anonymous, others use it because they don't quite know how to manually configure their own e-mail address into outlook express or thunderbird. So therefor I've put up a link to Hotmail and Gmail, I even use it myself, so you don't always have to go to favourites -> Hotmail, and loose the current site you were working on, or open a new tab first. If you install the firefox plug-in for tabbed browsing Firefox automatically opens up a new tab in the same window when you click a link with a blank target. And if you're still doubting whether to take a hotmail account or a Gmail account, I can only advise you to go for a gmail account if you think you'll have a whole lot of mails, and perhaps you can make a hotmail account as well, it's up to you of course. O, and I've also put up worlds most famous search engine : Google. But not the normal google, no, the google firefox start, specially designed by google for firefox at the firefox 1.0 release, but don't worry, it works on every single browser, just like the normal google.

Personally I love to write a site in code, but there is a more advanced way to get your company/restaurant/bar on the internet. You can make a site with the help of macromedia flash, a rather expensive program, but it gives you more possibilities then you can ever imagine. For those of you who have no intention to buy this program in learn it all by yourself, there is an other way. Several small companies are specialised in making sites in flash. One of them is the crew of Artinvaders, a company who has quite recently started up, and who has already build several sites for companies, restaurants etc etc etc. If you're planning on getting your own site, I advise you to check this one out first, perhaps you might like what you see, I know I did.

A problem that always pops up one day, is which background shall I be using now. One is always looking for a nice art background, something special, not just a classic background. Well I can recommend this site if you want a kickass background. Some backgrounds are restricted , and for members only, but I can insure you, that their public galleries contain a lot of wallpapers that will make your mouse tremble. I can only advise you to have a look at them, and download your favourites, so you'll desktop won't consist out of a windows logo, or a photo of your own ugly face, but at least you'll have some nice art on your desktop *winks*.

A few months ago I tested a few things of the wonderful 3ds max, and I ended up at the following forum for my question. If you are in any way related to modelling on computer, or computer artwork, anything with the graphical background of games ,then this is the place to be.

What would my new site be without a link to The Chasnam-Zone. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's my other site written in xhtml and css, but I ought to say now that I'm writing this one I don't think I'll be updating The Chasnam-Zone a lot in the future.

When you write a site it ought to be 100% valid code, and the best way to check that is by using a good validator.

Naturally more links will follow, if you have a good reason why I should ad one of your sites, or a site you like, just go to the home-page, click the envelop, and send me a mail. Who knows, I might ad it...

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